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Andy Hensel, Agronomist

Who we are

Ag Water Management is an irrigation management consulting firm specializing in permanent crops with micro-irrigation systems.  We are a husband/wife team founded in 1990 in Fresno, CA. We re-located to Bakersfield in 2005.

What we do

We are committed to quality irrigation management.  Based on the “Water-Budget” technique, we were the first to provide sensors and loggers to collect both soil-moisture and irrigation event data. We provide weekly graphs and water schedules in any format that suits the client.  More recently we also provide sulfur burners to acidify water at less than half the cost of sulfuric acid.

Why we do it

We do it because our method works, it fills a need, and we love the gratitude we hear from our grower/clients.

Sulfur burner with empty reservoir

Irrigation Run-times Recorder

Aerial temperature images can determine best sensor sites

typical sulfur burner setup

Standard 3-sensor graph with irrigation run-times (blue bars)

Water infiltration problem. A burner may be the fix.

Standard 8-channel logger with Pressure Switch

Wiring sensors to the logger

Collecting readings with a digital reader

Sensors can be snugged against the root ball

The root locations are used to determine sensor locations

A pressure switch measures irrigation run times

Collecting continuous data from logger

Collecting data with a digital meter

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